CAVIAR ANTI WRINKLE Concentrate Ampoule



CAVIAR ANTI WRINKLE  Concentrate Ampoule

Firming, in-depth moisturising anti-aging care; Smoothing, reduces lines and wrinkles; Stimulates the collagen production; Protects and strengthens sensitive and stressed skin (sun); Soothing, extremely well tolerated.

  • pH‐Value:  5.6‐6.4
  • Appearance:   Pink liquid
  • Packaging:  10 x 5ml bottles with folding box
  • Skin type : For all skin types; even for sensitive skin.


CAVIAR ANTI WRINKLE Concentrate Ampoule

The «Caviar Anti Wrinkle» ampoule can be integrated in any basic skin treatment. Ideal for treatments in the «LUXURY CAVIAR» or «SKIN REFINE» lines. Also recommended for after-sun treatments.

  •  Firming, in‐depth moisturising anti‐wrinkle care
  •  Smoothing, reduces lines and wrinkles
  •  Stimulates the collagen production
  •  Protects and strengthens sensitive and stressed skin (sun)
  •  Soothing, extremely well tolerated, suitable for all skin types


The «Anti Wrinkle» ampoule can be integrated in any basic skin treatment.    Ideal for treatments in the «Luxury Caviar» or «Skin Refine» lines.  Also recommended for   after‐sun treatments.   Spa treatment for skin that requires intensive regeneration (sun, illness, diet):   use at home during 3 months.


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