HYALURON Concentrate Ampoule



HYALURON Concentrate Ampoule

Ultimate long-lasting moisturising factor; Smoothes the skin; Leaves a rejuvenating feeling, restores radiance; Very well tolerated. Firms the skin and stimulates the cell renewal process.

  • pH‐Value           :  5.7‐6.9
  • Appearance     :  White liquid
  • Packaging  : 10 x 5 ml bottles with folding box
  • Skin type : For all skin types; even for sensitive skin.



HYALURON Concentrate Ampoule

  • ultimate moisturising factor
  • smoothes the skin
  • leaves a refined feeling, restores radiance
  • very well tolerated (sensitive skin)
  • strengthens epidermis and stimulates cell regeneration


The «Hyaluron» ampoule can be integrated in any basic skin treatment.     The ampoule can also be applied under a moisturising or firming face mask in order    to optimise the effects of the mask.       As a beauty treatment: apply a few drops under the usual day or night cream in     the morning and evening for 28 days



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