PURIFYING Concentrate Ampoule



PURIFYING Concentrate Ampoule

Normalizes the sebum production; Alleviates inflammations, controls bacterial growth; Antiseptical effect; Revitalizing properties; Prevents development of comedons; Soft and gentle serum;

  • pH‐value            :  5.0—6.0
  • Appearance      :   green Serum
  • Packaging  : 10 x 5 ml bottles in a box
  • Skin type : For oily, impure, acne skin.



PURIFYING Concentrate Ampoule

  • normalizes the sebum production
  • alleviates inflammations, controls bacterial growth
  • antiseptically, revitalizing
  • prevents development of comedons
  • soft and gentle to the skin


This greenish, watery gel-like active ingredient concentrate may be applied under the massage cream and/or under the mask (content lasts well). Give some concentrate into the hands and spread it evenly on face and neck (optionally onto neckline). Work with tapping-, fingertip- or ventouse massage, until the serum has been soaked up completely by the skin.
TIP: Ideal for a short massage, when it is an inflamed acne skin. Keep applying the con-centrate (lasts for about 3-5 min.) until content has been used up. Ideal for massage of the lymph glands. May be worked in with a Iontophoresis or ultrasound.


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