StemCells Concentrate


StemCells Concentrate



pH-value: 5.4 – 6.5
Appearance: Whitish liquid
Packaging: 10pcs x 5 ml Ampoules in a folding box

StemCells Concentrate



  • Alpine rose stem cells  : Help the skin adapt to climate; protect the skin barrier even in harsh environmental conditions
  • Comfrey stem cells : Increase the skin‘s ability to regenerate—even mature skin; make the skin look fresh and smooth
  • Apple stem cells :  preserve the longevity of skin stem cells, help the older skin cells  form new tissue
  • Nunatak stem cells : Strengthens the self-protection of the skin, resulting in a smooth s kin, even when exposed to the sun
  • Grape stem cells : Increases the UV tolerance of the skin, prevents photoaging
  • Argan stem cells : Increases the activity of the skin stem cells, counteracts mimic wrinkles, improves skin density in the upper skin layert


  • Increase the skin‘s vitality
  • Visible rejuvenation of the skin
  • Increase the skin density
  • Make Skin fresh and smooth
  • Suitable for all skin types and ages



The “Stemcells” ampoule can be integrated into any basic skincare treatment.

Especially popular for the treatments in “The Skin Whisperer” line.

The ampoule can even be applied under a moisturising or firming face mask to optimise the results of the mask.

For an “instant beauty effect”, apply a few drops from the “STEMCELLS” ampoule just under make-up.

As a treatment: apply a couple of drops under day or night cream, morning and night.



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