Purifying Yeast Mask




  • AC.Net Complex
  • Seboclear Complex
  • Microsilver
  • Vitamin E, Panthenal

pH‐value              : 7.3—8.4
Appearance       :  beige‐coloured Paste
Packaging           :  50 ml tubes with folding box
Salon product  : 240 ml jar



  • disinfects, alleviates skin impurities and stimulates the immune system
  • hygroscopic
  • absorbs excessive sebum, removes dead cells
  • prevents skin inflammation arising
  • is keratolytic, prevents blocking of the sebaceous glands
  • anti‐bacterial
  • gives an immediate lustrous complexion
  • antiseptic, bonds excessive skin fat


Apply the mask as an opaque to face and neck. Leave for about 7 – 10 min.  Rinse off with  lots of lukewarm water (take the mask off the skin BEFORE it dries out otherwise moisture is  extracted from the skin). Use the Purifying Yeast Mask as a peeling when the skin is inflamed  with open spots. In this case apply a thin layer of the mask. Let it become touch dry  and then remove with warm compresses.

TIP  In order to prolong the action up to about 10 – 15 min., place a damp fleece over the mask  on face and neck. Or mix the mask with Purifying Toner and enrich it. Intensive effect: Apply  the Skin Clear Peeling before the Purifying Mask. May also be applied selectively (T‐zone,  back, neckline). Also a mature, weak or a skin which is badly supplied with blood, will be in‐ vigorated, bright and fresh again.


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